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Hi, I am Alex Kramer, welcome to my website.

Goodbye 2015 and Welcome 2016!
This last year has been quiet in terms of work but ridiculously busy in terms of family!

Having 2 children so close together has been my greatest and most rewarding challenge.

Each day they make me so proud and thankful, I think my heart will burst.

That said, having pretty much been a stay at home mum for the last few years, I am ready to get back to work! I hope that 2016 brings me lots of wonderful projects and I hope that 2016 brings you and your family lots of wonderful things too!

Happy Festivities, and Happy New Year! Much love, Kramer and Clan! xx

Derren Brown, Channel 4
Watch out for yours truly in the new year in Derren's new show The Push It could possibly be on Jan 15th 2016 but that's not a definite yet. It will definitely be on your TV in 2016 and it was amazing to be a part of!

Laura Ashley
I've just finished a shoot for Laura Ashley for their new website. A lovely team to work with, it should be live soon

999 Appliances
There's a new go-to website for all your household appliances! These guys are fantastic. After a huge shoot, I hope you enjoy the great product videos on there

ID Experiential Marketing
I've had the great pleasure of working with these guys for the last few years. I created a unique sales programme for them and worked closely training their staff for clients such as Nespresso, Lee and Philips. If you would be interested in a programme like this for your business please get in touch

I now have 2 kids!
Isobella will be 3 soon and Josh won't be far behind to turn 2. I'm hoping to start blogging soon about motherhood... don't expect any guidance from this blog - I have no idea what I'm doing! haha!

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