Who is Alex?

I was born in Hammersmith Hospital on the 29th March... as if I'm going to tell you what year!

I lived in Richmond with my mum in a council flat, in high rise local authority block.  My Dad was not and is not on the scene.
I had to spend a lot of time with child minders, as my mum was a hard working single mum, but it was because of this that I was lucky enough to become part of the family to some fantastic people, who I now call Aunty Rita and Uncle Len, and I class their children as my brothers and sisters.  Through them I'm an Aunty 7 times over and a Godmother!  You'll often hear me talk of them on air.

Baby Alex
We left London when I was 9 and we moved to Monmouthshire briefly, and then to Hay-on Wye in Wales.  It took me a while to adjust to the lifestyle difference, as there's not much in Hay apart from second hand bookshops!  But I have some great friends there now, and every year the town has a Literature Festival where hundreds of people turn up, and there are lots of different guest speakers, from comedians to politicians!
My favourite bit though is the brilliant parties that happen in the evening! I can highly recommend it!


When I was about 12, due to a job offer, mum and I moved to Kenya.  We lived out there for about 3 months and it was amazing! I was very lucky; we went on lots of safaris and stayed at some fantastic places. One day I'd love to go back.

Anyway, the job ended and so we made our way back to Hay.

I remember not long afterwards, when I was about 13, there was a fete in town, and a lady claiming to be a psychic was doing readings. I decided to go in and see what she had to say. 

Now, at that age I really had no idea of what career I wanted to go into, my first career idea (at the age of 5) was to own a sweet shop so that I could eat all the sweets!

My next idea was to own a make-up and clothes shop, so I could dress up in all the clothes and wear all the make up… you can see how this went!
Anyway, at the reading the lady said she could see me doing journalism.  I'd never thought of it before, but as she said it I thought that's perfect, that's just what I want to do!


I went on to do Journalism Degree at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, specialising in Radio Broadcast, and I've maintained a fascination for psychics and spiritual philosophy.

I had lots of different jobs from the age of 13 to graduation!
I've worked as a chamber-maid and waitress, barmaid, shop assistant, receptionist, and I once did a season as a Holiday Rep in Ibiza... never again!!
I have even travelled around with the circus, and can fire swing! (This is a bit like fire juggling, but a lot less scary!)
I can also work the candy-floss machine with the best of 'em!

In 2000 I graduated from university with a BA in Journalism with Hons... Phew!
After university I worked for a local radio station, but as I knew I really wanted to get into TV I volunteered at Five News, then part of ITN.  It paid off... after 2 weeks I was offered a job and I moved to London.

I've never looked back.